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Professional Single Video packages starting at $1,700.

Professional Video Series packages starting at $3,500.

Full Service Premium Production packages starting at $6,000.

Freelance Direction and Shooting services starting at $250/hour.

Freelance Professional Editing services starting at $200/hour.

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$1,700/video — We understand some clients only have a single video they need created. We will bring to bear our full creative talents to produce, shoot, and edit a professional digital video project that fulfills your needs and budget.

Professional Video Series Package

$3,500/for three videos — This is our clientele’s favorite option. We plan, produce, shoot, and edit a small collection of videos on a single day shooting schedule. By combining productions of each video into one day, we can pass substantial savings back onto you.

Full Service Premium Production

$6,000/video — Our white glove, full service option. This is for our clients who are looking for us to take care of every aspect of producing a cinematically shot digital video product. We take care of all pre-production, production, shooting, and professional editing aspects. We’ll also bring the finer touches like motion graphic editors, telepromters, steadicams, and everything in between to ensure the best final product.

Additional Services -

FREELANCE Direction & Shooting Rate

$250/hour — If you need direction, photography, or videography for only a few hours, we have your back. We’ve worked with newborn parents to national politicians, tech titans, startups, and small businesses, trade organizations, sporting events, and art festivals to provide the best video and photography services at reasonable rate.

Freelance Professional Editing Rate 

$200/hour —  Collaborate with our professional editors if you need footage transformed into a polished product. Our editors can re-cut, color correct, sound fix, and apply the best in post production services at a reasonable rate.

Professional Motion Graphics

variable rate — If you’re looking to add that extra kick to your video project— inquire about working with our professional Motion Graphic Editors.

Professional Branding Graphics

$99/per video — Every project deserves proper branding efforts. As an additional service our editors will ensure your digital video products stand out with you logo properly branded across your video.

and so much more.